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Echo Store v4.0

Ecommerce Website Design Birmingham offers a modular ecommerce web design solution is suitable for most business sectors and can be scaled to meet individual requirements however simple or complex.

It liberates your company from reliance upon expensive updates. And immediately saves time and money.

24 x 7 business generator

At Ecommerce website design birminghm the website content is being maintained by the people who create the content rather than web experts that content is being refreshed more regularly, website visitors and subsequent sales increase. Your website becomes what it should be - an effective 24 x 7 business generator.

Echo Store Ecommerce Features

Marketing Promotions and Tools

  1. Flexible Vouchers (pricing rules) with restrictions or rules set by you.
  2. Free Shipping Option per product
  3. Landing Page Tool for Campaigns
  4. Search Engine Friendly URL's
  5. URL Rewrites
  6. Send to a Friend Link
  7. Social Networking Bookmarks
  8. Catalog / Catagories Customisation
  9. Cross Selling Products

Full Analytics and Reporting Offering

  1. Logging of Administrator Actions
  2. Integrated with Google Analytics
  3. Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
  4. Sales Report
  5. View Abandoned Shopping Cart
  6. Best Viewed Products Report
  7. Best Purchased Products Report
  8. Coupon Usage per Order
  9. Total Sales Invoiced
  10. Total Sales Refunded
  11. View Customers Order History

Search Engine Optimisation Tools

  1. 100% Search Engine Friendly
  2. Google Site Map
  3. Integrated with Google Analytics
  4. URL Rewrites give full control of URL's
  5. Meta-information for content pages, products and categories

Catalog Management

  1. Inventory Management with Backordered items, Minimum and Maximum quantities
  2. Batch Export of products
  3. Batch Updates to products in admin panel (price's, tax and categories)
  4. Virtual Products
  5. Downloadable Digital Products
  6. Customer Personalised Products - upload text for embroidery, monogramming, etc.
  7. Attribute or options Sets for quick product creation of different p types
  8. Create Store-specific attributes on the fly
  9. Media / Asset Manager with automatic image resizing
  10. Advanced Pricing Rules and support for Special Prices
  11. Search Results rewrites and redirects
  12. Approve, Edit and Delete Product Tags / keywords
  13. Approve, Edit and Delete Product Reviews

Site Management

  1. Multi-Lingual
  2. Support for localisation
  3. Support for multiple payment gateways
  4. Fully 100% customisable design
  5. Content Management System for web pages

Full Catalog Browsing

  1. Category View and Purchase permissions based on customers credentials
  2. Layered Navigation for filtering of products in Categories
  3. Layered Navigation for filtering of products in Search Results
  4. Tool to create category landing pages
  5. Ability to assign designs on category and product level (unique design per product/category)
  6. Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Items
  7. Product Reviews
  8. Product listing in grid or list format with or with out images
  9. Breadcrumbs

Product Browsing

  1. Multiple Images Per Product
  2. Product Image Zoom in
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Related Products
  5. Stock Availability / back order option available
  6. Product Option Selection
  7. Send a link to a Friend


  1. Shipping to alternative address (optional, set by admin)
  2. Simple registration process
  3. Shopping Cart with tax and shipping estimates
  4. Accept messages per item or per order
  5. Multiple payment options available


  1. Integrated shipping rates
  2. Shipping to alternative addresse
  3. On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  4. Flat rate shipping per order
  5. Free Shipping
  6. Rates for weight and destination

Echo Store is always being updated, so there will be features available that may not be listed above. Please call our customer support team on 0871 226 2130 for further information.

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