Sales Director

My motto is, everything is "do-able". Nothing is impossible, and everything has a solution - provided we have enough time!

We started e-foreknowledge in 2000, and what a ride its been. I remember working from my bedroom, and Jim's bedroom in the early days, knowing we'd conquer the world with our technology. 10 years on, we're getting there!

I don't do any of the programming any more. I haven't touched it for at least 5 years! Now I enjoy getting out meeting clients. My background in Computers Science with psychology coupled with an MBA has given me a unique perspective on working with people and providing the right solution to suite their business.

Working with a great team of people makes the work place enjoyable, fun and productive. We've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients and solutions. Having created our own solutions for e-commerce, content management and our entire software suite means that we can bespoke anything and everything!

Aside from the work, I love cooking! Get me in a kitchen and let me rustle up a few things, well my wife likes my creations (sometimes!).

My work history has been wide and varied. After graduating from Liverpool University in Computer Science with Psychology and NIMBAS/Bradford Management Centre with an MBA in international marketing and finance I worked for a number of organisations in Italy, Norway, The Netherlands and the UK.  The client base was wide and varied from Shell to Lockheed Martin to IBM and Utilities to local firms. All aspects of my work history have lead me to believe that there are some fundamental principles in business that people should get right to be successful. Marketing and Finance are crucial elements. This is part of the reason we started e-foreknowledge, to help smaller businesses with their marketing strategies..