Senior Programmer

Am a Computer Science Engineering Graduate from India with overall 9+ years of experience in client-server technologies, web application and web development. I started my carrier as a software trainee programmer and got promoted as a senior programmer in e-foreknowledge for the past 6 years.

Am a seasoned, self-driven, object oriented software programmer and Microsoft expert, specializing in VB, VB.Net, and ASP.Net programming languages with the ability to utilizing HTML, CSS, Ajax, Classic ASP and JavaScript, in addition to various languages used to facilitate server-side automation tasks. I can works well in a team as the leader or a follower; or independently, an outgoing, energetic, courteous, humorous and delightful co-worker and Strong project leadership abilities.

Expertise with

Supply Chain Management and Educational Domains, Configuring and automating tasks in Windows environments, Exceptional critical thinking skills when examining software requirements, troubleshooting and overcoming novel/complex engineering problems, Algorithm analysis, focusing on optimisation for improved performance or reduced run-time space requirements, Code abstraction for better code reuse, modularisation, interface conformity and debugging, Skilled in written communications both in source code and secondary materials such as user manuals, presentation materials, white papers, etc.